LeonFlix 0.7.0 | Download LeonFlix for Windows, Linux, and macOS

Leonflix Download: The internet is full of entertainment apps. But many of them are paid services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and HBO, etc. Today, we will be introducing you to a free Entertainment app named as LeonFlix. So, stick with us to download leonflix and install it on the supported devices.

LeonFlix is a free entertainment software available for a variety of devices like Windows, Mac, and Linux, etc. Using Leon Flix, you can stream as many movies and TV Shows you want. The great of this application is that it is made by focusing on PC users. Yeah, the app is not available for Android. So, this means if you’re using a computer or PC, then you will be getting frequent updates on this.

The app supports all the major and latest OS version of Windows, macOS, Linux, and Raspabian. In the article, you will not be only able to download leonflix, you will also get it to know how to install it on your computer. So, let’s get started one by one.

Download LeonFlix 0.7.0 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, etc

App NameLeonFlix
SizeDepends Upon OS
DeveloperLeonFlix Team
PlatformWindows, Mac, Linux, and Raspabian
Last UpdatedJuly 2020

So, the above was some of the basic introduction to the app. As the latest version of the is labeled as 0.7.0 and the application is available to download and use for a number of platforms excluding Android.

Overall, the app is a perfect entertainment solution for all your problems regarding the fun and enjoyment of motion pictures. Because the app is made so clean to use, simple and secure. Furthermore, the ability to stream HD movies and TV Shows makes the streaming more easily and conveniently.

LeonFlix – Features

So, now let’s discuss some of the key features of this amazing application. Below we have sorted out handpicked features that make this app – a perfect multi-platform app to find free HD movies and television series. So, let’s take a quick look right below:

Free Movies & TV Shows

Here, you can search almost of the free HD Movies and TV Shows that you want. This includes a wide range of Hollywood movies, web series, and anime, etc. Go ahead to enjoy unlimited free streaming.


Leonflix is not only limited to movies and TV shows. You can also find lectures and video tutorials from Khan Academy or MIT OpenCourseWare. So, this makes the app more student-friendly too.


The streaming on Leonflix isn’t only limited to hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), you can even watch any movies and TV shows of MP4 format by pasting the magnet link in the application search bar.

Free, Secure and No Ads

Leonflix is a simple yet powerful modular search tool for finding any type of video content. The app is absolutely free and totally secure to use. You don’t need to pay for any subscription amount. Furthermore, the app is totally ad-free.

Supports Multi-Platform

The great thing about this app is that it is available for a variety of platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, and Raspbian. That’s why the app is known as a multi-platform desktop app for finding media. You can download leonflix for your OS using the download links below.

Frequent Updates

The thing that makes an app an evergreen and a successful app is the frequency of updates. Leonflix developers work so hard to keep on introducing new features and improvements to the users. The app is always up-to-date with all amazing features and tools.

Leonflix Download for Windows, and macOS, etc

One of the best and most popular content search tools is available for a wide range of operating systems. On this page, you can leonflix download the latest builds for all the major OS.

Make sure to download the supported and appropriate software for your OS.

Download Leonflix for Windows

This software package supports all Windows versions including XP, 7, 8.1, and 10 running on 32 and 64-bit.

Download Leonflix for macOS

Click on the below download button to download the compressed zip file of LeonFlix for Mac (64-bit).

Download Leonflix for Linux

Click to download leonflix for Linux OS running over 64-bit architecture.

Download Leonflix for Raspbian

To download leonflix for Raspbian OS supporting ARM, click on the below link button.


Q- What is LeonFlix?

Ans. LeonFlix is a multi-platform content search tool using which you can stream free HD movies, TV Shows, and Online Kha Academy education tutorials, etc.

Q- Is Leonflix for Android available?

Ans. No. Don’t be a fool. As of now, there is no any Leonflix Apk for Android available to download and install.

Q- Is Leonflix free?

Ans. Yeah absolutely. Leonflix is totally free to download and use on any platform without any hassle.

Q- Does Leonflix host copyrighted videos?

Ans. Not at all. Leonflix is an online content fetcher or media search tool. It doesn’t host anything on its server. All the files served to your screen are hosted by the uploaders. The app only scrapes the links accessible through a regular browser and shows it to you.

Q- What are Leonflix Modules and Addons?

Ans. Modules and Addons are the extra tool and features to help you find the content more easily and conveniently. You can see the available addons to install by navigating to Settings > Modules.